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No Turning Back: Reviews


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"There Will Be No Turning Back," Stanford Magazine, July 2002

"A feminist historian looks at Vietnam, the '60s, and 'We Were Soldiers'", San Jose Metro News, 3/14/02

"There's No Turning Back for Feminist Scholar Estelle Freedman," Noe Valley Voice, March 2002

"Women's History Month" --History News Network, March 2002

Estelle Freedman interviewed by the UK Student News

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To order a recorded version of the lecture course accompanying No Turning Back, go to The Modern Scholar

Publishers Weekly, 2/01/02:

"With an accessible writing style and obvious love for her subject, Freedman has penned a major work that fits well both in the classroom and on the bedside table."

Kirkus Reviews:

"An optimistic assessment of women's efforts to claim equality . . . . A welcome and stimulating overview that connects the modern feminist movement not only to its own past, but to global struggles for economic and social justice."

Links to Online Reviews:

AAUW Outlook (pdf), Fall/Winter 2002 Vol. 96 No. 2

The Richmond Times-Dispatch, 8/25/02

The Weekend Australian, 7/20/02

Pat Holt Uncensored, 6/11/02 and 6/18/02

The Women's Review of Books 19:9, June 2002

Bitch Magazine, Spring 2002

The Economist, 5/23/02

Institute for Research on Women and Gender newsletter, Winter 2002

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 3/24/02

The Seattle Times, 3/31/02

St. Petersburg Times, 3/24/02 (Also available here)

Palo Alto Weekly, 3/6/02

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Advance Praise (from the back cover): 

"A compelling, exhaustive scholarly history of international women's movements and global or transnational feminisms. From the struggles for women's education in Europe to the anti-slavery crusade in the United States to anti-colonial and nationalist struggles in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East, women have fought around the globe for social justice and their own empowerment. This monumental study of women's resistance movements cross-culturally brilliantly shatters the myth that feminism is a dying Western invention."    --Johnetta B. Cole, Emerita Professor of Anthropology, Women's Studies, and African American Studies, Emory University

"Estelle Freedman has accomplished the impossible--a brilliant synthesis of feminist scholarship and activism, truly interdisciplinary and transnational. Her lucid analysis of the past and future role of women's movements is inspiring and empowering."   --Gerda Lerner, Historian and author of Women and History and Why History Matters

"Breathtaking in its scope, No Turning Back charts the origins and impact of feminism across the globe. estelle Freedman weaves this rich and complex tale into a clear and vivid story, showing how the rise of capitalism and democracy created both the need and the conditions for feminism activism to flourish. Written with passion and full of new insights, No Turning Back offers an impressive scholarly synthesis and an inspiring message of hope for the future of women in the twenty-first century."   --Elaine Tyler May, Department of American Studies, University of Minnesota, Author of Homeward Bound: American Families in the Cold War Era

"No Turning Back is a tour de force. A pioneering historian, Estelle Freedman now proves how global--and enduring--feminism is, has been, and will be. This is a very important book."   --Catharine R. Stimpson, University Professor, Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Science, New York University

"On the situations of women around the world today, this one book provides more illumination and insight than a dozen others combined....Freedman's survey is a triumph of global scope and informed precision."   --Nancy F. Cott, Professor of History, Harvard University, author of Public Vows: A History of Marriage and the Nation

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