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The Politics of Health and Sexuality

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9.  Medicine, Markets, and the Female Body
10. Reproduction: The Politics of Choice
11. Sexualities, Identities, and Self-Determination
12. Gender & Violence

9.  Medicine, Markets, and the Female Body

Primary source documents from feminist history

Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper (1899) remains a feminist health classic. The story has inspired a number of student web pages and message boards.

"The Politics of Women's Health" is an excerpt from the most recent edition of the classic Our Bodies, Ourselves

Poster art from the Chinese Cultural Revolution created heroic figures of women - you can take a close look at these images, and compare them to the post-1980s images, on Stefan Landsberger's Poster Pages (commercial links).

Cultural critique

Fat Talk Free Week

FAT?SO! is a hip site "for people who don't apologize for their size."

About Face offers a spirited activist approach to countering "starvation" representations of women in media.

The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler

Ms. Magazine online is a well known feminist magazine.

Contemporary organizations and resources

For UN information on genital cutting: Female Genital Cutting and the Midwest Network on Female Genital Cutting (MNFGC)

The National Institute for Working Life, based in Sweden, studied the effects of work on women's health until it closed in 2007.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation is a U.S. nonprofit organization dedicated to educating women about breast cancer. You can immediately support their work by clicking here to help low-income women receive free mammograms.

EngenderHealth works globally to provide education and information on maternal health, family planning, health risks, sexuality issues, and men's health.

For current U.S. information on women and disabilities, see Women's

Donate for Women's Health:

Go to Network for Good button

Breast Cancer Action

California Breast Cancer Research Program -- funding breast cancer research in California

Silent Spring Institute -- doing research on environmental links to breast cancer

Why is the Pink Ribbon Controversial?

Plain pink button for mammogram donation site

Factsheet on Women with Disabilities and Development

The U.S. Office of Research on Women's Health is a focal point for education and research.

The Global Alliance for Women's Health is an international education and advocacy organization.

Empowering Women in Medicine at the Feminist Majority Foundation

Breast Cancer Action is a grassroots group that works with other breast cancer groups to bring about legislative changes in women's healthcare at both the state and federal level

The Women's Sports Foundation was founded in 1974 by Billie Jean King to seek girls' and women's equal access in participation and leadership opprtunities in sports and fitness.

The Black Women's Health Imperative is devoted solely to advancing the health and wellness of Black women and girls through advocacy, community health and wellness education and leadership development.

A Women's Guide to Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation provides information, resources and next-steps for women who are trying to recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

Recommended films:

Mirror, Mirror by Jan Krawitz

Beyond Killing Us Softly (series) by Jean Kilbourne

Slaying the Dragon by Deborah Gee

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10.  Reproduction: The Politics of Choice

Contemporary organizations and resources

Abstract Image of nude woman surrounded by reproductive choicesReproductive Rights organizations in the U.S. include Planned Parenthood; site includes sections on Contraceptive Choices

The United Nations Population Fund surveys key issues around the world

The National Abortion Rights Action League works to ensure that women have the right to safe and legal abortion, contraceptive options, and quality reproductive healthcare

The Feminist Women's Health Center of Washington offers a particularly rich web collection of resources, in English and Spanish.


World Abortion Laws from The Center for Reproductive Rights

Research site: Coerced Sterilization of Native American women

Recommended films

La Operacion by Ana Maria Garcia exposes the pervasive use and abuse of sterilization among women in Puerto Rico.

Choosing Children by Debra Chasnoff and Kim Klausner captures the diversity of ways lesbians are having and raising children.

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11.  Sexualities, Identities, and Self-Determination

Primary source documents from feminist history

Anna Koedt, "Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm"

"Defining the Woman-Identified Woman"

A 60s Guide to Relationships

The World Charter for Prostitutes' Rights

Contemporary organizations and resources

The U.N. considers reproductive rights and discrimination against girls as matters of life and death

FSD Alert confronts the medicalization of female sexuality and the
commercialization of treatments for "female sexual dysfuction."
See: "A New View of Women's Sexual Problems" and The New View Manifesto

The International Lesbian and Gay Association organizes across 80 countries.

Cover image of Bisexual Resource GuideFor resources on bisexuality, see the Bisexual Resource Center

In the U.S., the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force combats legal discrimination, as does the National Center for Lesbian Rights

Gender & Sexuality at the E Server: A collection of essays

Recommended films

Girls Like Us by Jane Wagner and Tina DiFeliciantonio

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12.   Gender & Violence

Primary source documents from feminist history

Image of Olive Oyl flexing her musclesSecond wave feminist responses to violence included self-defense training for women -- check out this revised version of the cartoon character Olive Oyl from the Women's Patrol of Minneapolis (1975) titled "Olive Oyl's Common Sense Self Defense"

Contemporary organizations and resources

Until the Violence Stops (VDAY) - An international coalition of organizations to end violence against women and girls

Stop Street Harassment

The South African Rape Crisis Center offers resources and links to local phone counseling

For U.S. programs to end domestic violence, including ways to reach boys and men, see Futures without Violence

WomenStrength is a unit of the Portland, Oregon police department that offers free self-defense training and personal safety awareness workshops.

The National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS)

10 Things Men Can Do to to Prevent Gender Violence

Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network

INCITE! Women of Color against Violence


Facts on Domestic Violence

For international information from the U.N.

Recommended films

In Harm's Way by Jan Krawitz asks some difficult questions about cultural norms surrounding sexual assault

No Longer Silent by Laurette Deschamps portrays Indian women activists fighting gender discrimination in India's legal and medical professions

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