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No Turning Back: The Feminist Resource Site

Before Feminism

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1. The Historical Case for Feminism

Some definitions of feminism

Selected academic resources: (bibliographies, libraries, and other academic feminist websites)

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Before Feminism
2. Gender & Power

In the long history before feminism, women developed many forms of creativity, productivity, and authority.

Image of old Chinese text with red graphic trim Nu Shu is a unique women's language in the Hunan province of China. The image to the right features a print version of this predominantly oral language. There is also a film about Nu Shu by director Yue-Qing Yang, available from Women Make Movies

Image of old handwritten text from _A Midwife's Tale_ A Midwife's Tale Women have long been engaged in the work of healing, as this diary of a midwife in preindustrial American illustrates. This innovative webpage allows you to explore primary sources for women's history.

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