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No Turning Back: The Feminist Resource Site

A guide to related resources on the web

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Photo of Estelle B. Freedman This page has been developed to link readers to resources mentioned in No Turning Back. I hope it can help point readers to further information about feminism in both the past and the present.

For teachers assigning No Turning Back in their classrooms, the following links include local and international organizations mentioned in the chapters, statistics, online art, and primary historical documents.  You can suggest new links below. You can also find historical documents mentioned in No Turning Back in The Essential Feminist Reader (2007).

Index (click on chapter title below to find resource links)


  1. The Historical Case for Feminism

Part I: Before Feminism

  1. Gender & Power

Part II: The Historical Emergence of Feminisms

  1. Women's Rights, Women's Work, and Women's Sphere
  2. Race and the Politics of Identity in U.S. Feminism
  3. The Global Stage and the Politics of Location

Part III: The Politics of Work & Family

  1. Never Done: Women's Domestic Labor
  2. Industrialization, Wage Labor, and the Economic Gender Gap
  3. Workers & Mothers: Feminist Social Policies

Part IV: The Politics of Health & Sexuality

  1. Medicine, Markets, and the Female Body
  2. Reproduction: The Politics of Choice
  3. Sexualities, Identities, and Self-Determination
  4. Gender & Violence

Part V: Feminist Visions & Strategies

  1. New Words and Images: Women's Creativity as Feminist Practice
  2. No Turning Back: Women and Politics

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